Alliance for Justice (AFJ)

Title of the project: Strengthening Catholic contribution to post war reconciliation efforts through the understanding and implementation of Transitional Justice processes AfJ has established links with Catholic clergy and religious groups though the trainings already conducted in the Dioceses.  Further engagement with them through future activities and information shared through social media, further documents to be generated by AfJ, and networking would contribute to sustaining the work of AfJ. These initiatives will contribute to promoting Justice, Peace, Reconciliation and Healing within the Catholic Church and at national levels.  AfJ’s interventions have the potential to contribute to our vision by awareness creation in the following thematic areas:
Peacebuilding:  Awareness that the end of the war in Sri Lanka did not necessarily mean achievement of peace.  Facilitate activities that address the root causes and/or potential causes of violence, create a societal expectation for peaceful conflict resolution and stabilize society politically and socioeconomically.

Transitional Justice: