Our Projects

Covid 19 preventive initiatives: Minority Rights Groups (June - August 2020)

The project was designed to work with Conflict Mitigation Groups established in tea planation sector, Hatton. During the 1st wave of Covid-19 in Sri Lanka, the project was designed to achieve the following outcomes,

Theater For Peace - Youth Solidarity Fund (YSF) (2020)

Kaluthara and Baticaloa youth group 

The “Theatre for Peace – Connect.Create.Transform” project by the Centre for Communication Training aims to mobilise youth through improvisational theatre to counter narratives of hate and separation following the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka. Through residential training, 60 young people are engaged in a process of self-transformation that encourages understanding and provides space for building bridges across divides. The trained youth will then be supported to implement 20 community-level activities to share their experiences, as well as encourage community action for peacebuilding

Alliance for Justice (AFJ)

Title of the project: Strengthening Catholic contribution to post war reconciliation efforts through the understanding and implementation of Transitional Justice processes

Consolidating Post War Reconciliation Process

Vision: A pluralistic society where peace and harmony prevails

Project Goal: To contribute to post-war reconciliation processes by empowering partners/ target groups with potential for outreach with an improved understanding of Pluralistic Values, Conflict Transformation and Conflict Mitigation.