A pluralist society where peace and harmony prevails.


To be partners in fostering peace in individuals and organizations by promoting Nonviolent Communication.
To provide awareness to familiarize Nonviolent Communication as a peacebuilding skill in transforming individuals and communities to be life serving agents.


Contribute to the reduction in the levels of conflict and violence by using dynamic communication techniques that enable the transformation of potential conflicts into peaceful dialogues
Train teachers, students, religious persons, peace activists and socially active groups on humanitarian and human rights, in Nonviolent Communication skills and thereby enhance their peace building skills
Foster a spirit of reconciliation, co-operation and understanding among the people of Sri Lanka
Train persons in Nonviolent Communication skills, counseling, mediation and other communication skills necessary for dealing with personal and community conflicts
Act as agents or partners of national and international organizations in carrying out such activities that do not conflict with the objects of the organization

What We Do

Centre for Communication Training (CCT) is an organization dedicated to transforming the way we communicate. Our goal is to teach and train people to enhance general communication skills to make it a non- conflictual, compassionate and holistic mode of engagement. We employ a definitive tool – Nonviolent Communication (NVC), developed by Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg, a psychologist, which distils the wisdom of age old practices of language and communication in to a clear process.